Monday, 28 June 2010

Lesson 3

Lesson number three was rewarding. I had a lot more balance and confidence. My feet didn't hurt as much as in the beginning. There seems to be banter in our group and many jokes making the lesson interesting.

Having a lesson indoors is generally less daunting as there aren't people staring or cars trying to pass.The heat on Saturday was suffocating and we were therefore craving a breaze to dilute the extreme weather. The lesson was focused on practising our A-frame turns, the heal stops from the previous lesson and learning, or should I say teaching us the theory of, the parallel stop. It looks to easy when skaters do a scissor turn. The clue lies in the fact that your upper body turns to the direction of the turn, your inside leg slightly forward in a scissor.

I'm so eager to master the parallel turn. This week I'm going to buy my own inline skates and padding as my rental skates are due back on Saturday.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Lesson 2!

During the week I tried practising a few of the tips we had learned at the course. I fell a lot. I think the reason for this was mostly the little cracks and rough cement I tried to skate on.

Lesson 2 was fun. I had a lot more confidence. We were shown how to do an A-frame turn and how to stop. The stop is made up of three phases. The scissors, moving the right foot in front of the other and whilst straightening it ,placing the heal on the ground. Your weight should be shifted to the middle. I still need a lot of practise with the stop. I seem to bend forward instead of keeping my back straight.

I hope to practise more this week to make the most of my lessons.

Learning to skate!

A few weeks ago I found a website offering inline skating classes in London. I decided to face my fears and sign up for a four week beginners course. I had no idea what to expect. Instead of spending time worrying about it I just went to see what the first lesson would turn out to be like.

It was rather scary at the beginning. I felt like I had no control over the movements under my feet and had no idea what I should be doing. However, the instructors were extremly helpful. Firstly I was shown how to put on the inline skates and the protective gear. The second step was helping me on my feet. Kneeling, with only one knee on the floor, both hands on the bent knee and leaning forward I pushed myself up. It sounds so simple. Let me tell you how daunting it can be. I had no idea whether to lean forward or back. Slowly I did a bit of a duck walk. My feet pointing outwards in a V-format. One step at a time. Then gradually the first strides started.

The lesson focused on how to fall safely, how to do a simple stride and doing an A-format glide.

By the end of the two hour lesson my arches in my feet were aching and I was utterly exhausted.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

May in London

It's been a while since I've posted something.

In the meantime I was back in South Africa for a planned 6 days that turned into a lovely 14 days break because of the sudden ash cloud that drove the british air space to a halt.

These two weeks have made such a difference to the weather and scenery in London. Gone are the long dark days of constant bone-chilling rain. This year's record cold winter is forgiven and out of the picture. England is breathtakingly beatiful. Everyone seems to have a smile on their faces, a picnick basket in their hands and on a mission to sit in the colourful parks.

The days are lighter for longer and I'm making the most of this. During my lunch break I sit in the park on the soft green grass. Under my favourite tree I listen to music, eat a sandwich and watch people pass by. They all seem so peaceful and relaxed.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

What is important?

We are such complicated creations. There are very few straightforward answers in life.

There can be two completely different people that see life through contradictory colours, have clashing world view-points who fall in love and begin to see eye- to eye. What they have so rigidly fought for dissolves in hypocrisy; or is it an opening of eyes?

What happens to us physically effects us mentally. For instance if a person would lose his legs in a car incident, he would most probably get deeply depressed at one stage. The person's attractive confidence is suddenly covered with a sad hopelessness and questioning in life.

Emotions will play a large role in our decision making. If we had a bad day it will be that more tempting to give less and be harsh when it is uncalled for. How we treat others will shape the way others treat us. Some will repay kindness with kindness whilst others will walk all over you.

When we find ourselves bursting with laughter and joy the one moment, the next we could be faced with a tragedy that will make the next years an incredible struggle.

One self help guru will swear on his helpful principles, whilst another will have evidence disproving the effectiveness of those points.

If we believe something but don't live it, it becomes powerless in our sphere. I can believe that being organized at work will save time in the long run, but if all I do is a mess and is never cleaned up then what I believe is useless.

When my thoughts centre around anything but Christ, and how to please Him, I believe it becomes time wasted. Who would know how to separate truth from lies and answers from confusion but the one who designed us and all we know around us.

When all my time is invested in something like finding love, money, happy emotions which will at one time get lost and taken from us then I strive for nothing. My goal is ultimately only an illusion. How disappointing it would be if I run a difficult long race only to find out it is all a tragic wild goose chase? Disappointing would not be the word to use; it would rather feel like something evil leaving you without breath. The ultimate deception.

However if my thoughts are not on my own abilities and my time is constantly invested in pleasing the creator, my life is an aroma to God. Whatever comes and goes in life is not important. If my eyes are always fixed on God's character my North is always fixed and I can never get lost.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Freedom never has short cuts

There are so many intangible thoughts and vague desires that I'm beginning to realise and cannot fully express. Have you ever felt a restlessness and unease that you're trying to 'figure out' or a deep peace in turmoil that doesn't seem to make any sense?

Some people's actions, a good film or book can touch me in a way that I want to jump up and down, proudly saying that this is some kind of clue for my life. I want to bookmark that particular page of my history.

I can relate to a discoverer finding important landmarks on his treasure map. In every person, I believe, can be pure desires to be met. These things are often small and large.

I've recently gone to one of London's libraries and taken out 'A long walk to freedom' by Nelson Mandela. I'm paging through the book, taken aback by his humble start, his perseverance and forgiving attitude. Not only is he a man that will stand up for what is right, he chooses to believe that which can be. He is not intimidated by the facts, but he seems to adopt the truth which has not realized yet. Freedom never has short cuts.

Success in life seems seldomly dressed in outwardly attractive gear. But rather in robes of forgiveness, patience and a compass showing North at all times.

Monday, 18 January 2010

like a chocolate in my pocket...

I make a habit of remembering and celebrating all the good and strong moments in my history. Good memories are like currency in life. They buy strength to earn and make some more special recollections.

I have many memories of funny and loving moments. They paint colourful stories unique to me. They're kept close, with in easy reach like a chocolate in my pocket. The proof of joyful times in my past encourages me to take risks and triumph until there is breakthrough.