Monday, 28 June 2010

Lesson 3

Lesson number three was rewarding. I had a lot more balance and confidence. My feet didn't hurt as much as in the beginning. There seems to be banter in our group and many jokes making the lesson interesting.

Having a lesson indoors is generally less daunting as there aren't people staring or cars trying to pass.The heat on Saturday was suffocating and we were therefore craving a breaze to dilute the extreme weather. The lesson was focused on practising our A-frame turns, the heal stops from the previous lesson and learning, or should I say teaching us the theory of, the parallel stop. It looks to easy when skaters do a scissor turn. The clue lies in the fact that your upper body turns to the direction of the turn, your inside leg slightly forward in a scissor.

I'm so eager to master the parallel turn. This week I'm going to buy my own inline skates and padding as my rental skates are due back on Saturday.

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